Intro to NewsDrop

Drop 💧 get it?

VTuber NewsDrop aims to become a hub for news and feature stories with an improved emphasis on VTuber cultures in different regions. We'll also showcase the latest VTuber tech the community needs to know.  

While others focus on talents from major agencies, we also want to, when possible, show the spotlight on other VTuber groups and individuals and what impact they have in their communities.

Hope you all enjoy this initiative. We're excited to bring more awesome stories directly to you!

Meet the NewsDrop crew

NewsDrop works independently from Kawa’s talent management side. NewsDrop aims to work directly with others in spreading the word.

Main Team

Jay (@JayAgonoy), Justin (@KasaiKnight), Teddy (@teddy_we48) and Ducky (@dvckyVT) look out for VTuber trends through their pieces.


NewsDrop's game coverage is led by VTuber couple Elle and Booster, hosts of the NecroNews video series.

Kawa Entertainment

We will also be sharing interviews and feature stories, telling the world what makes VTuber culture interesting. The Kawa crew—Pidge (@vg_pidge), Monty (@MontySeelana), Pia (@PiaPiUFO)—will also be sharing what they see around.

Reach Us

To learn more about Kawa Entertainment, please visit